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A digital innovation partner for visionary minds.

We are Amaze


The time is now — And this is why

Creating experiences

The need for digital services in the Middle East and sustainable development processes for digitization throughout the world has never been bigger. Our business is to provide the worlds most versatile network in digital and to design and produce concepts for business critical challenges in digital development.


In a connected world — Everything is possible

Why Amaze

Digital has by the core changed the world as we know it. Countless observations of the shift to digital are seen in our day-to-day lives. Both in the new ways we communicate, shop and consume and more subtly by shifts in manufacturing, government and security. In short spans of time, industries that appeared steady have been disrupted. The power of this disruptive force is transforming every single industry.

Local team — Global reach

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Our team consist of leading professionals from digital media. Do not hesitate to reach our to learn more about how to monetize through digital innovation. We are based in Doha - Qatar and Stockholm - Sweden with a global network at our fingertips.